Legal, Compliance, Regulations & Disclaimers:

We know that you do not have the patience to go through a long document of Terms, Conditions and Disclaimers.  So, without mincing words, here are the key details:

  1. Regulations are unclear in most parts of the world; we are working on first-principles in ensuring the right processes are in place.
  2. We are a Crypto-First investment company. We do not accept any sovereign fiat currency. All investments are accepted in crypto and settled in crypto.
  3. Crypto is a highly volatile segment best categorized as extreme-risk;  As with all investing, there are market risks associated with all portfolios.
  4. We will comply with all laws in your jurisdiction as and when they are specified for the segment. Should we be unable to, we will ensure orderly shutdown of the products.
  5. KYC is mandatory; Funds can only be transferred back to the investing party / wallets - no third-party movements are available. So, no question of movement of funds.
  6. We will comply with all disclosure stipulations in your respective jurisdiction as specified by the appropriate authorities.
  7. Our Portfolios are mapped to the definition of a VDA (Virtual Digital Asset) or a Portfolio Token to ensure we are able to report on value every day.

The CNW token is not registered as a security or other financial product in any jurisdiction. In compliance with current regulations, during the process of acquiring CNW tokens, CoinWealth may require additional information or documentation from the user, reserving the right to reject the request if the requested information or documentation is not provided, or if it is insufficient. When investing in CNW tokens or in any of our products, you confirm that you do not belong to any FATF sanctioned countries and have previously not been involved with any sort of money laundering or criminal activities in any country in any manner. You also confirm that the funds applied do not belong to any proceeds of money laundering or criminal activities. You are required to comply with the regulations of your respective domicile / country of residence / citizenship. Please consult with a qualified financial and/or tax advisor before making any decisions. Any information on this page that is “forward-looking statements” is based on expectations, estimates and projections at the time the statements are made and involves a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from those current and anticipated. CoinWealth cannot offer any guarantees or assurances regarding any forward-looking statements.